Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Christmas Tree Lighting in Malaybalay City

I was able to take some photos of the Christmas Tree Lighting activity held at Plaza Rizal, Malaybalay City just this night (December 1, 2010) at around 7 PM. I was with my officemate and fellow Bukidnon Bloggers member Bon Panganiban (visit his Bukidnon photoblog HERE).

Hundreds (or probably thousands) of people from all walks of life trooped to Plaza Rizal to witness the activity which officially kickstarts the Christmas Season here in Malaybalay City. Before the Christmas Tree Lighting, a brief program was held. The program was attended by Malaybalay City LGU officials led by City Mayor IƱaki Zubiri and Vice Mayor Vic Aldeguer together with the City Councilors. The Malaybalay City Band also provided live entertainment during the said activity.

People waiting for the Christmas Tree Lighting to start.

Vendors selling popcorn and fruit shakes outside Plaza Rizal.

The giant Christmas Tree's lights are finally switched on at around 7 PM.

People flocked at the Plaza Rizal entrance fronting Small World Internet Cafe & Lodging House.

Christmas lights along the national highway.

Another view of the giant Christmas Tree.

The plaza entrance fronting Allied Bank-Malaybalay.

The Plaza Rizal entrance view from across the street. 

 People crossing the "hanging bridge" bellow the Merry Christmas arch.

Children lined up to climb the stairs going to the bridge.

Here are more photos of the Christmas lights in Plaza Rizal, Malaybalay City:

The Christmas Lighting in Plaza Rizal-Malaybalay is a contest and final judging will be on December 21, 2010.


  1. Great! Thanks for sharing these! Hope to take photos when I come back soon :)

  2. you're welcome bukidnon online! i am with you in promoting bukidnon to the world through blogging.

  3. hi, i hope you dont mind, just like to say this place is close to small world travellers inn...the website is

    thanks for showing as this brilliant photos..


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