Sunday, September 19, 2010

D' Stable Eco Resort (Quadra), Malaybalay City

D' Stable Eco Resort is more popularly known as Quadra. It is located in Sta. Cruz, Sumpong, Malaybalay City, just a few meters away from Shepherds Meadow Memorial Park.

The entrance road going to Quadra's main hall building.

Quadra has a ranch-like setting, with a horses, stables, huts and cottages built on grassy grounds and a mountain view backdrop. The place is ideal for open air dining (and drinking!) as they serve food and drinks with reasonable prices.

These are the cottages and huts of D' Stable Eco Resort. 

Quadra's Cheeseburger

You can also opt to stay for a night or two as they have closed cottages for accommodation. And if you want a little adventure, you can try horseback riding to complete your cowboy experience.

Cottages for overnight accommodation.

Beautiful view of nearby mountains.

The horses' stable.

Quadra offers horseback riding around its vicinity.

D' Stable Eco Resort (Quadra)
Sta. Cruz St., Sumpong, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon
Contact Number: (088)221-3338


  1. how much is the rent for cottage per day? can you give me the list?

  2. The cottages for dining are free to use. Please contact the numbers posted above for overnight accommodation rates.

  3. hello to quadra eco resort by the way am imee from new jersey usa, am trying to contact your resort but theres a problem with your landline phone cannot be reached or i am getting error or plss i need your exact contact # or if the have cellphone # much better coz am coming to philippines. ASAP thank u very much.

    1. There was an error in posting the contact # in the article. Anyway, It was already updated. Try this #: 088-221-3338.


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