Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Torre ni David, Cabangahan, Malaybalay City

Torre ni David (David's Tower) is a popular edifice along the highway of Cabangahan, Malaybalay City. This old three-storey house was built in 1962 by David Valmorida.

Only a few information about this place can be found in the internet An old article which was featured in inquirer.net in 2007 reported that there are some strange and unexplained occurrences in this house.

Here's an excerpt of the article:

In Malaybalay City, an old three-story house owned by the Valmorida family is also at the center of stories of unexplained occurrences there.

The house in the village of Cabangahan is known as the "Torre ni David (David’s Tower)" among locals. It was built in 1962 by David Valmorida.

Statues of eight men with the same faces and clothing carry the four corners of the second and third floors of the house.

Erlinda Valmorida-Pacana, 70, David's daughter, said even family members experience mysterious feelings which they just brush aside.

"A lot of people also tell us that they sometimes see dwarfs and beautiful ladies, but I haven’t really seen one," Erlinda said, adding that among those who have experienced the mysteries was her granddaughter Patricia.

"I usually hear someone whistling, especially during rainy days, but I just ignore it," said Douglas Pacana, 42, Erlinda's son.

Douglas said there have been times when he thought he had sent a family member to an errand. "Then (that family member) would later tell me that we have not spoken yet," he said.

Several years ago, Douglas said a neighbor asked him about a party because he supposedly saw people dancing while others were laughing and eating.

But he said he told the neighbor there was no party and that they were all sleeping.

"I think it is natural that some spirits stay in big houses. It is inevitable but thank God, they are harmless," Erlinda said.



  1. The writer, Grace Cantal Albasin, is presently the Grade School coordinator of St. Johns School of Malaybalay City and at the same time, an inquirer.net correpondent.

  2. thanks for the info bon! lets continue promoting bukidnon through our blogs.

  3. Elvis Valmorida TanOctober 30, 2010 at 12:16 AM

    kanang gapamoypoy isa na sa upat ka istatuwa nga gapas an anang balay gusto lang niya ipapuli si Douglas ug pas an, kay gikapoy na siya gusto na siya mo retire, pati na ang mga istatuwa ug kanang mga duwende gahinay hinay hinay na sila ug pamalhin, kay mahadlok sila ug mauban sila sa pagka-imbargo sa balay kay wala man nila bayri ang ilang loan nga ang gikulateral kanang gi-antusan ni David pag patukod nga balay para mailhan kuno ang iyang baryo.

  4. hahahahaha Douglas is my father.. I also experienced those unexplained occurrences. When I was young I thought I saw my mom going to the 3rd floor but to my surprise she was still in Cagayan hahahaa creepy!


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