Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sugarcane Fields in Pangantucan, Bukidnon

Pangantucan is a 1st class municipality located in the south-western part of the Province of Bukidnon. It has a total land area of 48,584 hectares of which 17,429 hectares or around 36% are devoted to agriculture.

One of the major crops planted in Pangantucan is sugarcane and most farms can be found along the national highway and on its interior barangays. The photo above was taken in the highway of Barangay Barandias.

I have visited various barangays of Pangantucan as part of my job assignment. As I observed, most of the land area has rolling or hilly terrain. This, however, has not prevented farmers from tilling the land as farming is the prime economic activity in this municipality. Other crops planted in Pangantucan are rice, corn and banana.

Here are some photos of sugarcane fields taken in Barangay Lantay:

Also in Barangay Lantay is this shanty that stood near a cliff overlooking the vast farm fields below:

And lastly, here's another photo of a sugarcane field in Barangay Pigtauran. This barangay is home to the famous Lake Napalit (also called Pigtauranan Lake):

Location map of Pangantucan (image from wikipedia.org):


  1. Replies
    1. nindot mag-trail run dri mam no?hehe...

  2. earl, it's my hometown. and i'm proud of it!

    1. let's help in promoting your hometown. i believe it has lots of nice spots waiting to be discovered. : )

  3. Very nice! I've been to Bacusanon, Pangantucan via Talakag road. We traveled on a military truck all night. Imagine the adventures! i love the smell of ilang-ilang.. hope i can go back there..

    1. I've been to Bacusanon before. A very quaint and laid back place...


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