Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Glimpses of Kadingilan Municipal Hall Compound

We went to the town of Kadingilan recently to do some official transaction at the municipal hall. Kadingilan is a 4th class municipality located in the southwestern border of the Province of Bukidnon. We arrived there at 12 noon and since the employees are on their noon break, we decided to park and wait under the shade of a giant tree fronting one of the municipal buildings. I took the opportunity to take some snapshots of the municipal hall compound.

Kadingilan traced its history back to the time when Datu Mandaganasa, a chieftain of a certain ethnic group, found a vast track of land located between the rivers of Iniawan and Pinalpalan. He decided to make the place home for his tribe called Kampong. The place got its name Kadingilan from the native words "Kadiay" (which means "ours") and "Matingilan" (which means "temporary").

Kadingilan became a barrio of Maramag from 1945 to 1956. When Kibawe became a municipality on July 1, 1956, Kadingilan became of of its regular barrios. The Municipality of Kadingilan was officialy created on August 16, 1971 pursuant to Repulic Act 6368.

Being part of my job assignment, I have been to Kadingilan a number of times. Among my discoveries on this municipality include a solar-powered community in Barangay Pay-as and a small rice terraces along the road going to the town of Kibawe.    

Just in case you have never been to Kadingilan and are wondering where in Bukidnon is it located, here's a location map from wikipedia.org:

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