Friday, March 4, 2011

Kaamulan Festival 2011: Street Dancing Competition

The Ethnic Street Dancing Competition has always been the biggest crowd drawer of every Kaamulan Festival in Bukidnon. This year, the competition has been converted into a street theater presentation to put more emphasis on the culture of Bukidnon's Seven Hill tribes. Each contingent has a story line to interpret 
through their beats and dance steps. 

The starting point of the competition is at the highway of Sumpong, Malaybalay City, passing through Fortich Street  and will then coverge at the Capitol Grounds for the ground presentation. Since the starting area is just walking distance from our house, I woke up early to take photos just before the Kaamulan Street Dancing competition proper started. Though it has been raining for the past few days, it was a good thing that the sun shine early this morning. The street is not yet crowded so I still have plenty of space to move around and take some shots.

This year's Kaamulan Ethnic Street Dancing Competition is participated by eight contingents. These are the cities of Malaybalay and Valencia and the municipalities of Lantapan, Kadingilan, Libona, Baungon, Manolo Fortich and Sumilao.

Below are photos of the  floats of the contingents.

Malaybalay City:

Valencia City:

Manolo Fortich:





One thing I observed during this year's Kaamulan Street Dancing Competition is that there are fewer "lumads" or genuine natives of Bukidnon who participated. Majority of the dancers are young students coming from various schools around the province.

More photos from the 2011 Kaamulan Festival Street Dancing Competition:

I wish that next year's Kaamulan Street Dancing would feature more "lumad" participants. After all, this festival is held to celebrate their culture, customs and traditions. 


  1. photos are spectacular. The morning light contribute its balance in color.:-) Naa sad na sa photographer bai. Nice shots earl.

  2. Thanks bon.Wait ko sa imo post kay daghan ko wala nakita sa competition proper.

  3. okis. kamulo pa composition.:-).

  4. Hi Earl - Great photos and thanks for sharing. The floats really look good.

  5. Hi! great photos... thank you for sharing. Like you, i do hope that more 'lumads' should participate next time.

  6. do you have a video on kaamulan festival 2011.?. can you please upload it.?. please.?..

  7. @xam: sorry, i don't have any videos of the festival.

  8. @byahero: thanks for visiting my blog.feel free to read my other posts.

  9. @gracy: hi grace!thanks for appreciating my pix.naa pud diay kay blog?ako pud na subaybayan...ayo2x!

  10. @laagan: i will expect more lumads next kaamulan.


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