Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why I Want To Try Sumilao Corn Coffee

I first read about Sumilao Corn Coffee in Bukidnon Online. From the article, I learned that it is made of organic corn kernels locally known as "sida-sida". It contains no artificial and harmful chemicals so it is a healthy and natural alternative to the popular instant coffee.

I  want to try Sumilao Corn Coffee because years ago, I already experienced drinking another brand of corn coffee which my wife bought from her friend who is into networking. I learned to love corn coffee because it is rich in fiber which helps clean our digestive systems and get rid of toxins inside our bodies. Unfortunately, the company that produced that corn coffee stopped its operation so I went back to drinking instant coffee again.

I am glad that Sumilao Corn Coffee is now available to the public, it gave me the chance to drink the healthier coffee again. What's more exciting is that Bukidnon Online is giving away free Sumilao Corn Coffee products just by simply blogging about it. So I am writing this post, hoping that I will be among the lucky winners who will have the chance to try this healthy and delicious coffee for FREE!

More info about Sumilao Corn Coffee can be found in this site:

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