Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kaamulan 2011: Fireworks Display

All roads lead to the Capitol Grounds in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon last night (March 5, 2011) for the much anticipated fireworks display which is part of the 2011 Kaamulan Festival celebration. This year's edition is a pyromusical display courtesy of Phoenix Fireworks, a Philippine premiere consumer fireworks manufacturer.

As expected, a large crowd gathered at the center of the Capitol Grounds facing the stage so we situated ourselves at the flag pole fronting the Provincial Capitol Building. There are lots of tent set up around and families and friends gatherings made up the festive atmosphere.

 This is our group camping near the flag pole.

At around 8:30 PM, hot air lanterns were released from the ground and floated slowly up into the skies. It drew attention from the crowd and children specifically were delighted. 

 Hot air lantern floating up in the air

In a little while the countdown started and then it was...FIREWORKS!

It was a blast though the duration was so short. I think it lasted for less than ten minutes. Many people were left hanging as previous Kaamulan fireworks lasted two to three times longer.  While it is supposed to be a pyromusical, we couldn't hear any music in the background, probably because of the explosion or the distance of our area from the stage.

Nevertheless, the fireworks were enough to pump up and prepare the crowd for the performances  of Manila-based artists that followed next.        


  1. i cant even hear the music! lol ;] maybe because i was a little far from the area.. but nonetheless, its still awesome! <3 nice entry!

  2. @fashionista: we can't also hear the music in our area.but i saw a video posted in youtube and kaamulan beats can be heard on the background.thanks for visiting my blog!


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