Monday, May 14, 2012

Hanging Out at the Children's Park in Kadingilan

We went to the Municipal Hall of Kadingilan for an official transaction. We arrived there at noon, just in time for the employees' noon break, so we have to wait until 1 PM before we can transact in their office. We decided to hang out at the Children's Park which is just within the municipal hall compound in the Poblacion.

The park occupies a wide area and has playground facilities such as slides, see saw and swing. Students from a nearby public school can be seen playing in the park for their lunch break. When I started taking photos, some are reluctant to face my camera. In a little while however, they got comfortable and started posing and flashing their cute smiles. 

It was such a joy observing their happy, innocent faces while enjoying break time in the company of classmates and friends. They would burst into laughter whenever I showed them their own images in my camera's LCD display. How I wish I could have given them printed copies of the photos right there and then, so they can have something to keep and remember from a stranger photographer.

As time approaches one o' clock , they gathered their backpacks one by one and started heading to the school's direction for their afternoon class session. 


  1. plus 1 for municipalities who would put up park / children's park. it's very rare in cebu.

  2. This park is looking beautiful and children are enjoying themselves. Parks are good place for entertainment for children.

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