Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Revisiting Luan-Luan Spring Resort in Quezon, Bukidnon

Before the more famous MGM Mountain Resort, RR Family Spring Resort, Waig Crystal Spring Resort and Edlimar Farm and Spring Resort were developed, there was Luan-Luan. Located in Poblacion, Quezon, Bukidnon, this municipal-owned resort used to be the most famous destination in the southern part of the province. I could still remember the first time I went here was during our high school field trip more than twenty years ago. I recently had the opportunity to get inside Luan-Luan Spring Resort once again during one of my travels when we decided to stopped over and eat our lunch here. 

Entrance of Luan-Luan:

Entrance fee, tables and cottages charges:

Luan-Luan has an abundant supply of spring water and its spillover is diverted to irrigate nearby ricelands. Motorists washing their vehicles outside the resort are also a common sight.

Inside the resort, I observed that it is still surrounded with giant balete trees:

These are two old swimming pools of Luan-Luan:

Multi-purpose hall:

Sari-Sari Store/Canteen in a dilapidated building:

More swimming pools:

Except for the additional pools, nothing much has changed inside Luan-Luan. In my own observation, the resort is not managed properly as some thrashes can be seen scattered all around and leaves and twigs are also left floating in the water. 

I hope the LGU would exert some effort in improving Luan-Luan. If improved and managed properly, it has the potential to be at par with privately-owned spring resorts in Bukidnon. 


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