Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Matin-ao Spring in Bangcud, Malaybalay City

Just like the Nasuli Spring Resort, Matin-ao Spring is one place I haven't visited in such a long time. I could still remember Matin-ao as my family's favorite picnic place when I was still a little kid. Compared to Nasuli, Matin-ao has more shallow areas making it a safe place to swim for children.

Matin-ao Spring is located in Barangay Bangcud, about 20 kilometers from Malaybalay City proper. It is right behind the Bangcud Elementary School and also fronting the Department of Agriculture Regional Crop Protection Center.

I guess Matin-ao Spring lost its luster years ago when reports came out that its waters contain parasitic worms which caused the schistosomiasis disease (locally known as "sisto"). Also, the emergence of more developed spring resorts in the southern parts of Bukidnon pushed this once-popular destination further to obscurity.

I recently got the chance to visit and take some photos of Matin-ao Spring. Entrance fee to the spring is 10 pesos per person.

 The entrance to Matin-ao Spring.

Tall "balete" trees and rock boulders still surround the area. But the supposed-to-be peaceful and quite environment is disturbed by the full blast sound of a nearby videoke machine. Concrete benches and tables are availble for picnic goers. The sight of children swimming on the water and some women doing their laundry makes me think that "sisto" is already eradicated in Matin-ao.

Photos of Matin-ao Spring: 

Since Matin-ao is very near Bangcud Elementary School, children going to and from the school is a common sight. However, one very disturbing sight I observed is the two minor-aged boys sitting on the concrete bench and drinking hard liquor in high noon.

 School children passing under the bridge.

According to an archive news from Bukidnon Online, there is a resolution from a Bukidnon Second District Board Member recommending the declaration of Matin-ao Spring as an eco-tourism and recreational park. The proposal is supposed to boost eco-tourism, livelihood, employment, investment and other collateral benefits for the Province of Bukidnon (READ THE ARTICLE HERE). I still have no knowledge if the proposal was pushed through, but if ever it would, I believe it is Matin-ao Spring's best chance to recapture its long-lost glory.  

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