Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hanging Out at the Night Cafe in Freedom Park, Malaybalay City

I was at the Night Cafe in Freedom Park (now known as City Covered Court), Malaybalay City last night (Dec. 20, 2010) together with my friends. The Night Cafe is held every Christmas by the City Government of Malaybalay. This year's edition started last December 1 but it was only last night when I was able to check out the place.

We arrived at the Freedom Park at around 7:30 PM. Since it was still early, there are still lots of empty tables and chairs:

The Night Cafe's set up is still pretty much the same as the previous years. Half of the covered court area is where the booths selling food and drinks are situated while the remaining side near the stage is vacant.

 As the night goes on, more and more people arrived at the park.

One major change in this year's Night Cafe is that alcoholic drinks sold are exclusive Asia Brewery products like Manila Beer, Colt 45 and Tanduay Ice (the previous years were exclusive San Miguel Beer products ). We hang out at the Centro Folk Haus booth and ordered Manila Beer Jumbo,  para walang sabit!

Since we were at Centro, we ordered our favorite pulutan--the cholesterol-laden chicken neck! In a little while, a live band started to perform on stage. They did some Christmas carols at first then played a whole lot of songs from Eraserheads to Eagles and more.  

And this is our group enjoying the night:


  1. thank you for posting..it's like we were also there with you guys..miss all that..hope our city is safe again...Merry xmas..

  2. @anonymous: merry xmas wherever you are! salamat sa pagbisita sa akong blog.

  3. Cool! Wala pa gyud talaga ako nakalaag dyan LOL


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