Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Exploring the Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park

We went trail hiking at the Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park in Malaybalay City last Saturday, January 29, 2011. The Provincial Tree Park is situated at the rear side of the Provincial Capitol Compound. The topmost area of the park is more popularly known as the "Two Trees" because of the two tall trees which can be seen from below.

We reached the Two Trees via the trail at the back of the Kaamulan Park. Because it has been raining for the past few days, the trail was wet and slippery making our hike more difficult. We reached the top after more than one hour of passing through the woods and lush foliage of the park.

 Hiking through the woods

Passing below fallen trees...

There are lots of uphill climb along this route.

The park is teeming with rich plant life.

Upon reaching the top, we were rewarded with these awesome views of the world below:

 Bukidnon's majestic mountains in the north

Rice fields of Tigbawan, Can-ayan, Malaybalay City in the east.

A clear view of Malaybalay City in the west.

On our descent, we picked up garbage littered along the way. We were really dismayed that there are still lots of irresponsible people who don't care to give nature the respect it deserves.

In going down, we took the road that exits to the back gate of Kaamulan Park.

This is a much easier route and we found out that this is actually the main entrance of the Bukidnon Tree Park. This area is already part of Barangay 9, Malaybalay City.

We passed by some residents cleaning their recently harvested "luy-a" (ginger):

The Kaamulan Park back gate:

The bridge crossing over to GK Capitol Village (Gawad Kalinga):

The Kalawa-ig Creek:

We had so much fun during this trail hike. We were able to exercise our bodies by hiking, view the wonderful sights of Bukidnon and get closer to nature at the same time.  


  1. Good day sir,

    Do you have to get a guide in order to trek the tree park? I frequent Malaybalay and I would like to try the trail out soon.

  2. @lettucedude: you don't need to get a guide because the trail from the entrance (6th picture from the last)is quite easy to follow.however,if you want to start at the back of the kaamulan park (like what we did), it would be helpful to bring along someone who's familiar with the route.

  3. Understood thanks for the advice. Great photos


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