Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fire Hits Commercial Stalls in Maramag, Bukidnon

A fire broke out and razed down several commercial stalls last night (May 22, 2012) along Maramag Avenue in Poblacion, Maramag, Bukidnon. According to information gathered, the fire started at around 7:30 PM just after power resumed from a blackout. It was suspected that a candle left lighted in a beauty parlor caused the fire. No casualties were reported though the fire damaged several business establishments including an agrivet supply store and rice retailers occupying the covered court. The affected area is within the Agrosite and is only about a hundred meters away from the new Public Market, Dry Goods and Food Court buildings.

These are photos of the aftermath taken just this morning:


  1. I have experienced such a tragedy when our rented home was choked by fire at 10:00PM on July 19, 2009. It is not a joke to lose your property as quick as that. All one needs it a heart that would 'LET GO and LET GOD' that will make things milder. I pray that those affected will just pray for another avenue of blessings despite the tragedy. God bless you all. We will pray for you.

  2. There's an info that the Muslim vendor stalls along the road were also totally burned out. They have experienced for the second time. Sayang ang mga fake CDs & DVDs. Anyway,they have an access to replaced their burned-out stocks from their comrades smugglers..
    I suggest that they will move-out from maramag aron makalikay sila sa ila dimalas and maybe to escape from the 3rd fire hits, because their stalls would be built always in temporary-permanent...


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