Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The 95th Bukidnon Foundation Day Parade

The commemoration of the 95th Bukidnon Foundation Day last Saturday, March 10, 2012 in Malaybalay City officially ended the 3-week long celebration of the 2012 Kaamulan Festival.  A grand civic parade participated by officials and employess of Bukidnon LGUs, Provincial Government offices, schools, national agencies and private corporations was held in the morning. The long parade passed through the main highway of Malaybalay City proper and ended in the Capitol Grounds.

A program was then held at the Capitol Grounds where the guest of honor was Governor Gwendolyn Garcia of the Province of Cebu.

Bukidnon's Political History (from bukidnon.gov.ph)

Before the Spaniards colonized Misamis, settlers from the Visayas had already established themselves there. As the migrants kept coming, the tribes who originally inhabited the area were driven inland toward the rugged and mountainous territory. They were eventually called Bukidnons, meaning "people of the mountains," from which the place derived its name.

The Americans under the influence of Dean C. Worcester, then Secretary of Interior and a member of the Philippine Commission, proposed the separation from Misamis Province that part inhabited mostly by Bukidnons. In August 20, 1907, Philippine Commission Act 1693 was enacted which created the province of Agusan with Bukidnon as a sub-province. Bukidnon became a regular province on September 1, 1914 by virtue of the creation of the Department of Mindano and Sulu. Finally, on March 10, 1917, under Act 2711 the province was officially created and called the Province of Bukidnon. 


  1. documented jud ba. sayang wala ko kaapil ba.

    1. Mao jud. Kita unta 2 nag-document adto.


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