Monday, July 2, 2012

A Lovely Morning in Barangay Managok

When Bukidnon's first ever full marathon dubbed as Dinaganay sa Malaybalay 2012 was held last June 24, 2012, I was one of the volunteer photographers doing the documentation part of the big event. I took up the task of taking photos of the runners in Barangay Managok which is part of the 42K route.  It was a cold and foggy morning in Managok and I am sure the runners enjoyed the scenic route of rice fields on the sides and Mount Capistrano looming at a distance.

Located about 20 kilometers from Malaybalay City proper, Managok is known for Mount Capistrano, a famous hiking and climbing destination in Bukidnon. It is also one of the rice-producing areas in Malaybalay. It was a good thing that it became part of the 42K route as it gave runners coming from outside Malaybalay a chance to see its quaint beauty. 

Here are some of the photos taken in Barangay Managok during the event:

Visit this LINK to read my race report and view more photos of Dinaganay sa Malaybalay 2012.

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