Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mount Capistrano

 Mount Capistrano looms over the vast rice fields of "Basakan Area".

With its attractive rock formations and challenging caves, Mount Capistrano is a favorite climbing destination of local folks and nature trekkers especially during the lent season. Despite its rough terrains and sharp rocks, it offers a good spot to enjoy the panoramic view of the neighboring mountains and the vast acres of rice and corn fields below.

Mount Capistrano is located in Barangay Managok, which is about 18 kilometers away from Malaybalay City proper, going southeast via Barangay Aglayan. This mountain is said to be an evacuation area during World War II.

In a report posted in, anthropologist-educator Ludivina Opeña  said that the peak got its name during the Filipino-American War in 1901 when Gen. Nicolas Capistrano surrendered to the United States army. Before the surrender, the mountain was called Mt. Panasihon,a Binukid term for “full of limestone”. Opeña said the peak is a monument to the end of the Filipino revolution against the US government when it took over the Philippine Islands by virtue of the Treaty of Paris.

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  1. Hi,
    Were you required to present a Barangay Clearance when you climbed Mt. Capistrano? We need to confirm this before we start our trek.
    Thanks a lot.


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