Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Lights in Plaza Rizal, Malaybalay City

I went to Plaza Rizal in Malaybalay City last night to check out its Christmas lights and decors. Just like the previous years, the giant Christmas Tree which stood in the skating rink is still its main attraction. However, I observed that this year's display of lights and decors are not as grand as the previous years'. 

Last year, various commercial establishments, private and government agencies and Malaybalay City barangays were tasked to decorate their assigned area. This year, I guess the City Government of Malaybalay took full charge of lighting up the plaza since I noticed that no company and barangay logos are on display.

Here are more photos of the Christmas Lights in Malaybalay City plaza. Since I wasn't able to bring my digital camera, I just used my Cherry Mobile Flare cam in taking these photos:

Check out this PREVIOUS POST to view photos of the Christmas lights in Malaybalay Plaza two years ago.


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