Monday, January 28, 2013

The New Kalilangan Integrated Bus Terminal

More than two years ago, I posted a photo of the on-going construction of the New Kalilangan Integrated Bus Terminal in this blog. Just this month, I passed by Kalilangan once again and was pleased to find out that the terminal is now fully operational. The terminal is not as huge and as grand as the one in Maramag but it serves its purpose well, that is providing service and convenience to commuters in Kalilangan as well as those coming from or going to Wao, Lanao del Sur and Banisilan, Cotabato.

Here are more recent photos of the new Kalilangan Integrated Bus Terminal:

Panoramic view:

 You can view my previous post on the new Kalilangan Integrated Bus Terminal HERE.


  1. This improvement on Bukidnon signify that bukidnon is growing and the adapt on the fast changing environment. Also the government is ensuring the safeness of the people and tourist who come on bukidnon.

  2. Hi there, im looking for the house of Mr. Unchuan built in the middle of the bridge that connects the two mountains. It is located in Sumilao, Bukidnon. Can you pls post it?


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