Friday, November 26, 2010

Isabella's Cuisine Cafe & Bake Shoppe in Malaybalay City

Isabella's Cuisine Cafe and Bake Shoppe is located in the corner of Rizal and San Isidro Streets, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. The small bakeshop and resto is just a few steps away from the San Isidro Cathedral and Plaza Rizal.

 Isabella's Cuisine Cafe and Bake Shoppe is located in Rizal-San Isidro Sts., Malaybalay City.

Photos taken inside the cafe:

Isabella's Cuisine Cafe and Bake Shoppe serves great tasting meals and snacks, pizzas, pasta, fruit shakes and juices, smoothies, coffee and teas, cocktail drinks and a whole lot more.

Isabella's menu

A page from Isabella's menu.

What we ordered at Isabella's Cuisine Cafe and Bake Shoppe:

Crispy shrimp


Isabella's Cuisine Cafe and Bake Shoppe also offeres free delivery within Malaybalay City proper with a minimum order of Php 300.00 only.

San Isidro-Rizal Sts., Malaybalay City, Bukidnon
Telephone Number: 088-2214503


  1. craving to eat. I'm starving looking at the food you ordered, earl. nice shots.

  2. nadala ra na sa photoscape bon.kadto canon digicam ra ako gigamit ani.

  3. I found this place after visiting my friend whose mom was lying in state. he said this was her favorite cafe. Indeed it was a great recommendation, it was as if his mom made sure we were comfortable after a long travel. I've known her briefly but i know she was always accommodating to everyone. This place was great discovery with me. Amazing ambiance and I love love love their pizzas and German fries!


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