Friday, December 3, 2010

Capturing the Tranquility of Pinamaloy Lake in Don Carlos, Bukidnon

Lake Pinamaloy is located in Poblacion Don Carlos, Bukidnon. This guitar-shaped fresh water lake has an estimated area of more than 50 hectares and is surrounded by Gmelina and Mahogany trees. Aside from being a tourist attraction, this serene and tranquil lake is also an important source of potable water for the Municipality of Don Carlos

These photos of Pinamaloy Lake were taken last November 30, 2010:

Getting there:

Lake Pinamaloy is only a few hundred meters away from the national highway of Poblacion, Don Carlos, Bukidnon. From the town proper, I guess tricycle fare going to the lake is only Php 7.00-10.00.


  1. hi! can i use your pics as a background for a t-shirt design? i could include your watermark. if it's ok with you.. =)

  2. @LengYans: yes, you may use the pics,just include the watermark.thanks for visiting my blog!


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