Friday, December 3, 2010

A vote for Bukidnon Online in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards

I am voting for Bukidnon Online in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards for two simple reasons:

1. Bukidnon Online is the most active website that is all about the Province of Bukidnon. It outperforms traditional media format and even the Province's official website in giving the latest information on what's happening around Bukidnon.

2. Bukidnon Online is the chief organizer of Bukidnon Bloggers, a group of new media practitioners which aim to further  promote Bukidnon to the whole wide world.

So if you're also a blogger from Bukidnon, please help Bukidnon Online win in the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.  


  1. Wow salamat kaayo! Padayon Bukidnon!

  2. Thanks ulit hehe. Win or lose, I already feel like a winner :)

  3. @mindanaoan: win or lose, you've already made a mark in the landscape of bukidnon media. : )

  4. princess stephanie arceñoJuly 13, 2011 at 10:24 PM

    ..,sa mga taga,bukidnon,,gogogo!be proud.,,sayang lng sa davao ko nag,skul..dili nako pirmi makita ang beauty sa bukidnon,.well, ok lng din,,.may website naman,,tanx sa gumawa,,God bless


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