Sunday, January 16, 2011

Random Shots: Kadingilan, Bukidnon

The Don Carlos-Kadingilan road is now mostly paved but because of the many stops caused by the dropping off and picking up of passengers along the way, it took about one hour for the RTMI bus to arrive in Poblacion, Kadingilan. Two nuns disembarked near the Catholic Church and I took snapshot of one nun walking down the road adjacent to the church (photo above).

Our client met me at the bus terminal of Kadingilan. We then went to the nearby barangay of Kibogtok to inspect his property. After doing the necessary works, I went back to the Poblacion and waited for the departure of the lone RTMI bus parked at the terminal. With nothing much to do, I took some photos around the terminal.

The newly improved transport terminal of Kadingilan:

Habal-Habal is the main mode of transportation when going to interior barangays:

Snapshots of the Poblacion:

An old man and a kid playing the board game "dama": 

With Kadingilan being part of my work's area of coverage this year, I'm sure I will be taking more photos of this Southern Bukidnon town soon.


  1. hi i like your photos of my place! GREAT SHOTS! wellthen goodluck with ur work, im assuming ull be working sumwer not in town!

  2. Earl E. Bolivar! you did a great job posting photos of these remote barangays and towns of Bukidnon... kudos to you!...

  3. Hello! I REALLY MISSED KADINGILAN so MUCH! ive been there when i was 4 years old.. and now im 15 years old! almost 11 years na! huhuh.. wanna go back there at poblacion.. especially in salvacion

  4. ..i miss Kadi so much! thanks for the photos ;)


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