Monday, January 17, 2011

Under the Bridge of Dilapa (Quezon, Bukidnon)

Traveling around Bukidnon, even along the national highway, could sometimes bring pleasant surprises. Like when we passed by the bridge of Dilapa, Quezon, Bukidnon last Friday. We noticed the raging waters underneath cascading down the rock boulders. So we stopped by at the road side, walked into the middle of the bridge and took photos of the mini-waterfalls below.

A closer look:

I took one last shot of Dilapa Bridge before we leave:


  1. Earl,

    This is an interesting find. It only means you really have to stop and explore. Unsa kahay ngalan anang river or creek that runs under the bridge noh? he he.

    If kanang imong gitawag og mini-falls will be named, as any explorer, basin pwede na tawagon ug the "Earl Bolivar Falls" haha.


  2. @Gali: Murag dili bagay na nga ngalan Waltz!hahaha! Wala namo nakuha unsay ngalan ani nga suba, wala man gud mapangutan-an na tao kadtong didto mi.

  3. nice earl. we were surprised jud. I will post mine with different version than this one. Naa ko ngalan earl. dugay na pud nako ni na discover.....maybe next week sa con tour. nice one. ok kaayo.


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