Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wolfgang Live in Tanduay 1st Five Malaybalay

When the Tanduay First 5 concert was recently held in Malaybalay City, one band that really got me eager to watch the show is no other than Wolfgang. The hard hitting foursome has been a favorite during my college years and I could still vividly recall me and my friends banging our heads to their heavy songs during that era.
I was able to watch two Wolfgang shows in the 90s, one in Malaybalay City and one in Cagayan de Oro. Their show in Malaybalay was the most unforgettable since I had the rare chance of eating lunch with the band (minus vocalist Basti Artadi) and their crew at my uncle's home. In the afternoon of that same day, we caught the band doing some sound check in the BSC Gym and I could still remember the songs they played: Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls and Scorpions' Rock Me Like A Hurricane. Me and my friends were able to take photos along with each member of the band: Basti Artadi (vocals), Manuel Legarda (guitars), Mon Legaspi (Bass) and Wolf Gemorra (drums). I still have those photos in my closet until now.

After a bunch of consistently heavy albums, the Wolves, just like most 90s bands, went separate ways. New acts emerged  but still, for 90s die hard fans like me, no other bands come close to the "manners of beasts" or the music Wolfgang is known for.

To the delight of their fans, Wolfgang finally reunited, minus original drummer Wolf, a few years ago. They released a new album and this year was included in the Tanduay First 5 nationwide concert series. Fans from all over the country rejoiced with the opportunity to watch the band performed on stage again. And finally, last October 21, 2011, after more than a decade, the band once again performed and rocked Malaybalay City in one momentous night.

I considered myself one of the luckiest among the audience that night. Through the generosity of some kind-hearted persons, we were able to enter the VIP area. When it was Wolfgang turned to perform, I made sure I am in front of the stage to capture these photos:

The songs they performed that night: Tulisan, Anino, Mata ng Diyos, Sandata (new song), Arise, Natutulog Kung Mundo and Halik ni Hudas. Just like fine wine, Wolfgang just got better with age. Despite having a new drummer, they are still as heavy, as solid and as tight as ever. In short, they are still the BEASTS!

And the best part of the night? My wife and I dared to come closer and have our picture taken with Basti and Mon:


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