Monday, November 14, 2011

Discovering Another Side of Impasug-ong

In my previous posts, I wrote about the town of Impasug-ong with its gigantic statues, beautiful plaza and the scenic Old Atugan Road. Photos featured in that series of posts were taken when I joined the 1st Impasugong Invitational Fun Run held last September. Just recently, we went back to Impasug-ong during the Columbia Trail Masters Duathlon where I voluntered as one of the race marshals and photographers. On that day I discovered another side of Impasug-ong, with sights so amazing that it simply took my breath away.

From the town plaza, we took a pick-up ride and passed along the Old Atugan Road going to the direction of Barangay Capitan Bayong. We then took a left turn, passed by the road junction going to the communal ranch and finally arrived at a place called Petalvero. The place was named as such because a rest house built on that area is owned by the Petalvero Family.

From Petalvero, me and my co-marshal Dax walked towards our assigned area which is still about 1 kilometer away. It was a long walk, passing through a rough trail amidst the scorching heat of the sun. Still the amazing scenery of mountains, hills, creek, river and canyons we passed along is really wonderful and made the walk all worth it.

The trail on which these sights can be viewed is part of the 30-kilometer bike route of the duathlon event. I am quite sure that the bikers thoroughly enjoyed these views.

Among all the towns and cities in Bukidnon, I observed that Impasug-ong is the most active in terms of promoting tourism in their municipality. With their efforts, I wouldn't be surprised if this quaint town would soon become the province's number one eco-tourism destination.

Me and my co-marshal Dax at the hanging bridge over Atugan River


  1. great post! sama mo naman ako minsan sir!

  2. sure sir. i wanna learn some photography techniques from you!

  3. great photos! would definitely love a day of hiking there.

  4. @gladys: there's so much to discover here. a piolo pascual-angel locsin movie was once filmed in this town.

  5. naa d i hanging bridge dinhi earl. nice subject.

  6. this is great. Ü NICE!

  7. nice.. am in bukidnon now.. looking for where i can time bus for a day and night


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