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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in the Province of Bukidnon

Landlocked by mountain ranges and forest reserves, the highland Province of Bukidnon is a haven for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. While it does not have any white sands and waves to lure beach bummers and surfers, Bukidnon' tourist attractions are tailored-fit  for those who seek eco-adventure activities such as mountain climbing, trail hiking, trekking, rappelling, river tubing and the likes. The recent establishment of adventure parks also enticed more tourists to enjoy various thrill rides amidst the cool weather and scenic views. The less adventurous ones would not be left out either, as Bukidnon also boasts of a rich cultural heritage and traditions as well as nature appreciation at its finest.

For those who are planning to visit the province, you should not miss these Top 10 tourist attractions of Bukidnon :

1. Kaamulan Festival-Malaybalay City

Held annually from the third week of February up to the second week of March in Malaybalay City, Kaamulan Festival celebrates the gathering of the seven tribes who are the original inhabitants of Bukidnon: Higaoonon, Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalig, Tigwahonon, Umayamnon and Bukidnon. Dubbed as the most authentic ethnic festival in the country, the festivity's main highlight is the Ethnic Street Dancing Competition, a spectacular showcase of the province's rich cultural traditions through dance steps, colorful costumes and tribal beats. Click HERE to read more about Kaamulan Festival.

2. Dahilayan Adventure Park - Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Bukidnon's most popular tourist attraction is nestled 4,700 feet ASL on the foot of Kitangland Mountain Range. Cold weather, scenic mountain views and evergreen pine trees provide the perfect backdrop for guests who are game enough to take on their main attractions: the 840-meter Dual Zipline and the 120-ft Drop Zone. For those who want to stay in the park a little bit longer, it also has overnight accommodations and restaurants. Click HERE for more about Dahilayan Adventure Park. For more details, visit:

3. Kampo Juan - Diclum, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Bukidnon's newest eco-adventure destination, Kampo Juan  offers the Philippine's first (and only?) Anicycle where one can ride a bicycle across a 600-ft cable hanging on a 100-ft deep ravine. They also have a hanging bridge which spans a length of 360 feet on a ravine 200 feet above a river. Other activities in Kampo Juan include zip line rides, rappelling and paramotoring.  For more details, visit:

4. Lovely mountains high

Seeking for a more real-life adventure? Then climb a mountain once you're in Bukidnon. The province prides itself as home to four of the Philippines top ten highest peaks: Mt. Dulang-Dulang (2nd), Mt. Kitanglad (4th), Mt. Kalatungan (5th) and Mt. Maagnaw (8th). Don't have enough time (and strength) to conquer these peaks? Then go for a day hike in some of Bukidnon's shorter climb destinations: Mt. Capistrano in Malaybalay and Mt. Palaopao in Sumilao.

5. Center for Ecological Development and Research (CEDAR) - Impalutao, Impasugong, Bukidnon

Accessible from the highway of Impalutao, CEDAR is a protected forest reserve area with  a hiking trail  under the canopies of age-old trees. Along the way you will pass by a man-made swimming pool fed with ice-cold spring water. Walk farther and you will get acquainted with not just one, but three natural waterfalls situated all within CEDAR's protected park. Click HERE to read more about CEDAR.

6. Spring resorts in Maramag

The Municipality of Maramag, located in the southern part of the province is known as the Spring Resort Capital of Bukidnon. Take a cold and refreshing dip in any of these five popular spring resorts in Maramag: MGM Mountain Resort, Edlimar Farm and Spring Resort, RR Family Spring Resort, Rockstar Spring Resort and Waig Crystal Spring Resort.

7. Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park - Malaybalay City

Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park is situated in Malaybalay City, the province's capital. It has a vast area planted with pine trees and forest trees. Within this park is the Kaamulan Grounds, home to the Provincial Tourism Office and Kaamulan Folk Arts Theater. Follow a moderately steep trail up to the peak popularly known as the Two Trees and reward yourself with the wonderful views of Malaybalay City proper, rice fields and the majestic Kitanglad Mountain Range from afar. Click HERE for more about the Bukidnon Provincial Tree Park.

8. Lake Apo-Valencia City

Located in Barangay Guinoyuran, about 11 kilometers from the city proper of Valencia, is a circular rift dubbed as the cleanest and greenest inland body of water in Northern Mindanao. This serene lake has an area of 25 hectares and depth of about 85 feet. Floating bamboo huts are available for rent and can be made to float in the middle of the lake or even to the other side. Click HERE for more photos of Lake Apo.

9. Musuan Peak-Musuan, Dologon, Maramag, Bukidnon

Also known as Mount Musuan and Mount Calayo, Musuan Peak is actually an active volcano. It is very accessible from the national highway and an hour hike will take you to its peak where a 360-view of the farm lands, Pulangui River and mountain ranges can be viewed. 

10. The Monastery of Transfiguration - San Jose, Malaybalay City

Famous for its the magnificent pyramid chapel designed by the late National Artist Leandro Locsin, the monastery  is a popular destination for people who want to pray amidst the silent and serene environment. It is also an ideal place for those who are seeking peace of mind and calmness of soul and spirit. This home of the Benedictine Monks is also the most popular wedding destination in Bukidnon. Click HERE to read more about the Monastery of Transfiguration.





  1. Beautiful places to have some fun during summer vacations. Thank you for the share! Will added some on my list! :)

    You might want to try atv Philippines in Pampanga.

  2. i'll be visiting these spots soon.. earth, pls rotate a little bit faster, so october may come.. ticket is ready.. Kaamulan Festival?, i know, i'll enjoy.. Bukidnon, i'll conquer u.. :) in God's time.. :)

  3. It makes us feel great when we see how during all these ways bus tour east coast is quite decent and also with the uses it has these things are truly appreciable i am sure that's the factor behind it.

  4. Love the place. You can find peace and calm in the city. It is one of the best place in Mindanao. Learn more about the history of Malaybalay City, Bukidnon


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