Monday, May 30, 2011

Manlamonay Lake in Don Carlos, Bukidnon

We passed by this lake in Barangay Manlamonay, Don Carlos, Bukidnon during our field work. Coming from the Poblacion, we were on our way to San Isidro, Kitaotao. The lake happens to be adjacent to one of the agricultural lots subject for our inspection. 

I don't know the exact name of this lake so I just named this Manlamonay Lake

Manlamonay Lake is situated beside an all-weather-road going to San Isidro, Kitaotao. It is about one kilometer away from the barangay proper of Manlamonay. The lake is surrounded by sugarcane fields and coconut plantations.

 Bamboo raft

Fishpen built on the lake

A fishpen is built within the lake. According to a passerby, the fishpen is a project of the Department of Agriculture and there are plenty of "tilapia" in the lake. As I observed, there are some children and adults fishing on the other side of the lake.

Like Lake Pinamaloy in the Poblacion, this lake has the potential  to become a tourist attraction in Don Carlos. It could be develop into a picnic spot, boating or fishing destination. I just hope that whatever development made, the LGU or private developers will exert efforts  to preserve the lake's natural environment


  1. It's not Manlamonay Lake.. It's Lake Pinamaloy.. ^^

  2. no,it's not pinamaloy coz pinamaloy lake is big compared to this...


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